How to use e-payment

  1. Choose “Registration” at the left menu bar or click “Online registration” at the main page.
  2. Make a choice of your desire option by clicking on “register”
  3. If the page show Thai language, please click the English flag on the upper right corner.
  4. Fill out personal information and click on “save” to confirm or “reset” to cancel.
  5. Check if you have filled out details correctly and click “save” to confirm or “edit” to make changes or “reset” to cancel.
  6. Choose payment

    6.1  Click “Payment via Krungsri e-payment”, if you want to pay by credit card (for online payment)

    6.2  Click “Payment via Bank Transfer”, if you want to pay by Bank Transfer (details of the account number and the swift code are provided in the registration form). And please e-mail the copy of payment slip to e-mail:
  7. Click “save” to confirm or “reset” to cancel
  8. When the window shows to confirm registration click on “OK”
  9. Choose the card you use for payment on “credit card” or “debit card”
  10. Click on “print” to save your registration records.
  11. Click on “submit” to enter in the e-payment system of Bank of Ayudhya (Krungsri online)
  12. Fill information required in the webpage of the bank and follow instructions


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